I cannot say enough about Jill and the invaluable service she was
able to provide me with my mortgage needs. This is the second house
she has helped me with, and her expertise in navigating through all
the complexities and processes of a mortgage are outstanding. Jill has
always been just a call away and has never minimized any questions I
had. She simplified her explanations, and took the time to go over
all the paperwork with me, while putting my mind at ease. I trust her
100% and can only say that everyone needs a Jill!!! I am more than
happy to highly recommend her to my family and friends.”
-Sylvie R

I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with Jill Craig in arranging a mortgage on a secondary property purchase. I am more than delighted to recommend Jill as the most professional, informed, knowledgeable and well respected mortgage broker in the Ottawa region. I was treated with integrity and respect and all arrangements for the new mortgage were arranged in a timely manner to my complete satisfaction. It would be my pleasure to deal with Jill again in the future as the need arises.
-M. Noel

I have been dealing with Jill Craig and her colleagues for many years and have had wonderful service in every way. At my retirement last year, I sold my home in Calgary to move back to Ontario to care for my aging and ailing mother. I had renewed a supposedly “portable” mortgage on the Calgary house fairly recently, so thought I would continue with that bank and “port” the mortgage to a new property (so did not consult Jill). Things happened very quickly with the sale and purchase, but my dealings with the online banking service went down hill quickly in the last couple of weeks before closing. Though in all my working life I have retained an excellent credit rating, have never missed a payment and have a good pension, this bank treated me in ways that were humiliating. There were several examples of what seemed to be very poor communication at the bank leading to extremely bad service. After moving and settling in, I shared my experience with Jill for her information and perhaps to spare others. Jill suggested I consider switching my mortgage if she could find me a better rate and better terms. I was thrilled with this possibility and Jill indeed found me a great offer that allows me to save money even after paying a penalty for an early pay out. Jill was extremely respectful and sympathetic and patient as we completed the paperwork. I am very satisfied with the new mortgage. I recommend Jill Craig at Dominion Lending to everyone I know.

I strongly recommend Jill Craig for your mortgage needs. Not only was Jill able to get the best mortgage rate for my first mortgage, but for my second one as well! The banking institution I was with for 20+ years could not compete with the rates Jill had found for me. Most importantly, Jill was always efficient and my questions were never too basic for her. Her approachability and concern for the client is a hallmark, and her competitive rates is the reason she is my broker of choice for two mortgages, as well as a mortgage renewal. I have highly recommended her to family and friends.
-Jackie L

This was the first time I did business with Jill or even a broker for that matter. Since the first time I talked to her, I knew I could trust her. I was also pleasantly surprised by her professionalism. She helped my family when we were in deep trouble. She was always there, even late at night. Always available, quick to answer, on the phone or by email, whenever I needed her or had a question. She was very patient. She spent a lot of time with me explaining everything from “a to z”, going through the papers one sheet at a time. I‘m really happy with the way it turned out. I will definitely call her in five years and I will recommend her to anyone who needs a broker. I’m very grateful I met her. Thanks so much for everything you did for my family Jill.
-Chantal B

Right from start to finish Jill and her team at Dominion Lending have made the mortgage renewal process much easier. Instead of having to go out and deal with big banks and credit unions to try and get a decent renewal rate, Jill did all that for me. She literally saved me thousands of dollars off my mortgage. My only wish is that I would have heard about her twenty years ago because if I had, I would probably have my mortgage paid off by now. Great work and thank you for all your help. PS: Keep the monthly newsletter coming, I really enjoy reading it and have utilized many of your tips.
-Randy H

When it came time to renew our mortgage, there was only one person to call. Jill had helped us out twice before and has shown herself to be trustworthy, competent and so diligent. I felt perfectly comfortable leaving the matter with her and she worked hard to find us the best mortgage for our needs. I highly recommend her to anyone navigating the complexities of the mortgage world!
-Deb E

I have had the privilege of working with Jill for 3 different mortgages. Each time we worked together it was a painless experience. She is thorough, thoughtful and detail oriented. Jill is amazing at finding the best options for me and for my goals. She has given me the ability to have a better rate which means more money in my pocket! I am so pleased that I have Jill on my side to help with the largest asset of my life. I have no hesitation to refer her to my family and friends for their mortgage needs. I know that she can look over any mortgage and provide the best possible advice. Thank you Jill for your help and finding me the best solution!
-Leigh S

I have been advised by Jill Craig on how to negotiate a new mortgage, at rates and options she could offer me. Thanks to her help and offer, my own bank had to cave and I therefore saved a lot of money over a period of 5 years. I certainly would strongly recommend Jill Craig to anybody who wants to renegotiate an old mortgage or to someone looking for a new mortgage.
-R. Grenier

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. It was indeed a pleasure for me to work with you in order to put together the mortgage that works for me. When the situation took an unexpected and unwelcome turn at the last minute, your patience and expertise in finding the right product to fit my needs made all the difference. To bring it in on time was even more amazing. I certainly could not have done it all so quickly or efficiently if I were working on my own.